Welcome Home

  Carmel, IN (August 22, 2019)— WELCOME HOME KAR Auction Services HQ is up and running with full occupancy. With over 900 employees, the five-story, 250,000-square-foot headquarters has become the highlight of the area and has set a new standard for what is to come in the area. Pure is proud to have delivered this[…]

Final Touches

Carmel, IN (June 12, 2019)—FINAL TOUCHES Final touches are happening outside at the KAR Auction Services HQ this week. Special thanks to Hittle Landscaping for planting over 50 trees and providing KAR’s green space. . . . Learn More at KARGlobal.com

Glass Is Up

Carmel, IN (June 12, 2019)— GLASS IS UP Exterior glass is going up on the new KAR Auction Services HQ in Carmel, IN. The modern, Pure-developed 250,000 SF headquarters will be ready for occupancy this summer. KAR Auction Services has become a colossus in the used-car auction business, with more than $3 billion in annual revenue.[…]

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