An end…and a beginning

We’re not big fans of “one and done” here at Pure Development.

Instead, we’re big believers in the power of relationships – and that providing personalized, tailored service to each client helps us cultivate and grow those relationships over the course of many years. Do good work and take care of your clients, to put it more simply, and those clients tend to stick around.

We were reminded of this recently with a couple of big projects.

Last month, we delivered to GE Aviation their new world-class facility in Lafayette, IN, where they will assemble their high-efficiency LEAP engine for the largest builders of aircraft in the world, including Boeing, Airbus and builders in China. We were able to build and deliver the $100 million facility in a little under a year – one month early and on budget.

The completion of one project is followed quickly by the beginning of another. This summer, we broke ground on yet another project for GE Aviation – this time to purchase, renovate and expand its facility in the greater Boston area. This fast-track project – we’re scheduled to complete and deliver it by the end of 2015 – will significantly increase manufacturing output and technological capacity for key components of GE Aviation’s LEAP engines.

This marks the fourth large-scale project on which we’ve partnered with GE Aviation. Our partnership with GE Aviation – as with many of our clients – is a strong one, and much of it is due to our commitment to avoiding “one and done,” to taking the long view, and to treating them less as clients and more as partners.

For us, it’s the only way to work.

To learn more about the Lafayette project for GE Aviation, click here.

To learn more about the GE Aviation project in the greater Boston area, click here.