Regal Bellot

Let’s go

Flexibility can be a funny thing – especially when it comes to picking the right development partner. Lots of firms like to talk about how flexible and adaptable they are – how focused they are on tailoring solutions to clients’ specific needs and challenges.

Pure Development actually demonstrates our flexibility – our unwavering commitment to go where our clients go – with every project. Projects exactly like one we’re working on now.

We recently broke ground on a new 200,000-square-foot distribution center – expandable to 350,000 square feet – for Regal Beloit in McAllen, Texas; CBRE represented Regal on this project. This new facility will provide logistics support to Regal’s manufacturing plants across the border in Mexico. When we complete and hand over the facility in less than a year, it will play an important role in Regal Beloit’s continued growth and international logistics strategy.  It’s a great example of our collective belief in repeat business – Jay Archer, a Pure principal, delivered a 376,000 square-foot Indianapolis facility to Regal Beloit within the past few years.

It’s also another great example of how flexibility can be such an important characteristic when it comes to a development partner. Location was obviously very important for Regal Beloit – McAllen is a growing industrial market barely a mile from the Mexican border.

At Pure, we pride ourselves on going where you go. When we say, “Build to Suit You,” we mean it.