Pure Development introduces a new distribution hub

LAREDO, Texas – Pure Development announces a new project that will serve as an access point in Laredo’s port district. Pure at Pinnacle One is situated just 5 miles North of World Trade Bridge and 13 miles South of Colombia Bridge – an ideal location to support the billions of dollars of goods and materials traveling via Rio Grande throughout the US.

“We have started on a new project in Laredo, Texas and we cannot be more thrilled,” says Kyle Miller, Development Associate at Pure. “Pinnacle One will have the accessibility to act as a distribution hub that services the entire US.”

The 421,182 square foot structure will provide ample storage for goods and materials– making the region an accessible spot for distribution channels and creating jobs for Laredo. “Pure Development is proud to begin this project and provide more opportunities for the Laredo community,” says Co-Founder, Chris Seger.

“We look forward to the positive impacts on distribution that Pure at Pinnacle One will have for both the local community of Laredo as well as the United States,” explains Co-Founder, Drew Sanders.