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entrepreneurial spirit

The Pure Development team shares deep experience, assembling an impressive portfolio of clients. They also share a drive to explore new directions, discover new solutions and earn their own reputation for excellence and innovation.

The Voices of
Pure Development

Meet Jenna Barnett

Chris Seger

“The positive energy generated by a well thought-out space is contagious.”

When Chris is not at Pure, he is exploring the world, experiencing outstanding places and bringing new ideas home with him.

Drew Sanders

“I believe in timeless design, thoughtful planning, and innovation with an eye to what’s worked well in the past.” 

From boating in the summer to skiing in the winter, Drew loves to spend action-packed time with his wife and kids—and perfect his fly-fishing form.

Adam Seger

“Let’s generate positive economic, environmental, and social outcomes through creative development projects.”

Adam enjoys exploring through travel and being active out in nature.

Brian Palmer

“Winners find a way, losers make excuses.”

Brian leads an active life with his wife and three children, and is always ready for a great architectural experience or challenging golf course.

General Counsel
Elizabeth Brier

“Pursue knowledge. Be flexible. Stay passionate.”

Whenever she can, Elizabeth travels in search of new sights and experiences with her husband Mitch and sons Mac and Henry.

Chief Financial Officer
Jesse Sadowy

“Through developing your people and building a trusting team you will achieve extraordinary results for your clients”

When Jesse is not at Pure, he enjoys traveling with his wife, spending time with family and friends, golfing poorly and playing poker.